Naveen Jindal School of Management


Executive apprenticeships.

When the variety of functions will increase, the organization will expand both horizontally and vertically. This requires a different type of leadership.

Megginson, Mosley and Pietri define administration as ‘working with human, monetary and bodily assets to realize organizational aims by performing the planning, organizing, leading and controlling capabilities‘. Management is a set of rules regarding the features of planning, organizing, directing and controlling, and the appliance of these principles in harnessing physical, monetary, human and informational resources effectively and successfully to attain organizational goals.

The assessment requires a crucial reflection on the expertise of using various techniques for managing disruptive innovation inside the simulation. The module will draw on key tutorial contributions in the broad subject of people administration, including current analysis being carried out by faculty within the School of Management. The module will present an introduction to the primary activities related to resourcing, creating and … Read More